"Everything is bigger in Texas" is not just a motto, its a true way of how we live our lives in Texas. From our food to speed limits to ladies hair, its gotta be bold, fast and tall. Our kids have a big love for our state as well. There is lots to do outdoors to keep our kiddos entertained and our schools are some of the best to learn from. Proof of that is in a new book called I Am Texas that has published kid's stories of what Texas means to them. Oh, and the book is the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest published book in the world.

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World's Largest Book is in Texas

In November of 2022, the Guinness Book of World Records was in Galveston to certify that I Am Texas is the largest book in the world standing at seven feet tall. The seven foot tall book is not the only way to buy it, it is available in a normal coffee table style book for easy reading. The seven foot tall version is an exact replica, text and all, of the normal sized published book. It is currently on tour around the state for all to see.

Book on Tour

Earlier this week, Tuesday, May 2, the book was on display at the state capitol. After that, the book will be making several other stops across the state:

  • The Stark Museum - Orange - May 10 - July 29
  • The Galleria - Houston - August 9 - August 23
  • Schreiner University - Kerrville - September 4 - October 2
  • Dallas Historical Society - Dallas - November 20 - December 1

Student Contributions

I Am Texas was curated from stories, poetry and art from over 1,000 students in grades 3 through 12 from 80 school districts across Texas (KETK).

We were ready to do something BIG for our 13th book, and nothing is bigger or more exciting for kids than getting published PLUS breaking a world record. - Melissa Williams Murphy, iWRITE founder and executive director of The Bryan Museum

Makes sense that the world's largest book would have a Texas theme, its what we do. Take a moment this summer, fall or winter and take a family road trip to check out the book while it is on tour.

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