I can say that I'd never feel comfortable enough to walk around naked in public. More power to those who have the confidence to do it in places where it's legal.

While we're enjoying comfortable temperatures and some rain in East Texas, for now, we know the Texas heat and humidity aren't that far off. With the unrelenting heat, we'll all be looking for a way to cool off and for some, that means shedding layers of clothing, but you have to be careful of how much you shed and where you shed it in Texas because you could be cited for indecent exposure.

According to the Texas Penal Code, someone could be charged with indecent exposure if a person exposes any part of his genitals with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person, whether or not that person will be offended or alarmed. However, there are a couple of places in Texas where that code is skirted around.

So you can't run around Texas nude unless you're at one of these nude beaches

It's perfectly legal in Texas to run along these two beach beaches or layout in your birthday suit to work on ridding yourself of those tan lines. These clothing-optional areas post signs stating you are entering a nude beach.

Here's where you'll find the best nude beaches in Texas

You'll have to make a road trip to central or south Texas to visit one of the top 12 best nude beaches in the US according to Hotels.com.

  • number 10 is Hippie Hollow, it's a 109-acre park situated on the rocky shoreline of Lake Travis in Austin
  • number 12 is UFO Beach at South Padre Island, Texas

See the full list that Hotels.com has released.

So if you're not modest, you're bold and have the confidence to do it, give one of these Texas nude beaches a try this summer. Just double check that you're in the right spot before you go disrobing anywhere.

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