A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a Houston man named Gabriel Cornejo who was ordered by a Texas Court to pay $64,000 in child support for a child that isn’t his own.

He took a DNA test to establish paternity and when the results came back negative, he was still ordered to pay because of Texas’ Family Code – Chapter 161- it states that an alleged parent still owes child support payments that accrue until a paternity test can prove otherwise, even if one ends up not being the biological father. So, Gabriel has taken matters into his own hands. On Friday he started walking from Houston to Austin to bring awareness to paternity fraud.

From KSAT ABC 12 San Antonio,Gabriel has been posting his walk onto his FB account and one of his first stops was at Whataburger:

Gabriel said:

Yes this is difficult... but it's the price I'll pay for anyone who is going through this.  This is what this walk is about -- to show that we are determined to change this law.

Gabriel also has a website called www.enoughabuse.net


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