The Cowboys got a punch in the gut from the league early this morning.  After spending the past year investigating domestic abuse allegations that go back to his college days at Ohio State, star running back Ezekial Elliott was notified he'll be barred from the first six games of the regular season, for violating the NFL's "personal conduct policy". 

KLTV's report notes that Elliott has 3 business days to file an appeal, & it's expected he will, which will trigger a hearing to be scheduled within 10 days.  Earlier this summer, Jerry Jones said if a severe suspension was handed down, the Cowboys would take legal steps to prevent the league from enforcing the decision.  At this point, Dallas will be without their top rusher for more than a third of the 16 game schedule.

Most pro football experts expect that the appeal process will likely get Zeke's penalty reduced to just 2 or 3 games.  As it stands right now, the Cowboys will go into the 2017 season without 3 roster regulars.  Defensive ends Randy Gregory (full season) & David Irving (4 games) are already serving suspensions for violating the league's "performance enhancing drug use policy".  Now it's official- Zeke Elliot will be joining them on the sidelines.

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