Hunting is a way of life here in the great state of Texas, filling up your freezer with meat that you didn’t have to pay for at the grocery store is always a good feeling. While there will be cost to filling up your freezer there is something special about knowing that you are providing for your family and it’s really nice not having to worry about the grocery stores raising their prices on certain items, plus it can taste amazing. But there was recently a video being shared that showed these Texas hunters capturing deer using a helicopter. 

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The video you can see below is absolutely insane, the video makes my jaw drop every single time I hit play because the person maneuvering the helicopter is incredibly skilled. There isn’t a lot of information around the video like what they were doing, many comments online seemed to think they were just moving the deer to another part of the property, but no one is certain. 

This Looks Like a Hollywood Movie 

My guess is the helicopter pilot is former military because he knows exactly how to position the aircraft to be in perfect position to net the deer. And the person deploying the net has to be a good shot as well, this is impressive all the way around. 

You Need to See the Video  

I’ve probably watched this video a dozen times by now and it still makes me say, “WOW.” Enough talking about it, this is one video you need to see and then tell your friends about.  

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Gallery Credit: Piggie , Canva

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