When is it considered too early to put up Christmas decorations?

That is the question a San Antonio couple is asking as their Homeowner's Association told them to take their decorations down because it was too early.

According to CNN, Nick and Claudia Simonis got into the Christmas spirit a little early and put up some decorations on November 1st, and three days later they received a letter from their homeowners association, Diamond Association Management and Consulting telling them to take them down until they get closer to the Christmas holiday.

The couple was "shocked and angered" once they saw the letter a week later and didn't know there were rules where they lived to determine when they can put up Christmas decorations.

Also noted that Nick's wife is either months pregnant they wanted to get them up to avoid potential complications.

They have received a lot of support from their neighbors, who backed them up by putting up their decorations as well and will continue to put their holiday decorations up with lights this weekend.

Talk about being a Grinch!


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