If you made it through the last flu season without missing a day of work or school, you're one of the few.

The flu vaccine that was supposed to keep us from getting sick was only 36 percent effective last time around, but it's been tweaked to be more effective this year.  Will it work?

With school back in session and cooler weather coming soon, we're entering that time of year when we're spending more time indoors, with classmates, co-workers, family members, and lots of disgusting germs.  Viruses must be so excited right now!  Pumpkin spice is a sign that their peak season is near.

The flu shot was only effective about a third of the time during the last sick season, but the CDC says they've added some enhancements to make this year's shot more effective. Think it'll work?   TIME Magazine says the CDC can't predict how bad the coming flu season will be, but it does recommend getting the vaccine since it can reduce the chances of getting and spreading the flu.  The vaccine can also lessen the severity of the flu if it does hit.

So when should we get the shot?  Right now!  The experts say it's best to get the shot before flu season has a chance to get a grip, and since flu season usually runs from October through February, now is the time to get stuck in the arm.  The CDC says definitely get the shot before the end of October for max effectiveness.

Last year my 6-year old got the flu twice - once at the beginning of the season and once at the end.  And she had the flu shot. My 8-year old got it once despite getting the flu shot and forfeited perfect attendance at school.  I don't know how I stayed flu-free with all of those germs around, but I did.  Sometimes the flu is afraid of moms and steers clear.

Two or three days on the couch with a cozy blanket and Netflix sounds kind of fun, but not if a fever and all of the other unmentionables come with it.

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