While most people in Texas would prefer to not ever see a rat, most of us have seen one at one point or another. We also don’t really enjoy seeing cockroaches or mosquitos but those are seen around Texas too. It’s just part of living here but rats are a little different as they often indicate how dirty a business or area is for lots of people. And according to a new report there are a few Texas cities that seem to have a rat problem that is getting worse. 

Most people have heard of the pest control company Orkin, well recently they came out with a list of the top U.S. cities that are dealing with rat issues. The good news is that we don’t live in Chicago where they have been at the top of this list for the past 9 years in a row and it doesn’t seem like they care to fix it anytime soon. After Chicago it was Los Angeles and New York as the top 3 cities dealing with rat issues but there were Texas cities that made the list too.  

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Mice Create a Big Problem for Texas Homeowners 

Mice and other rodents invade 21 million homes per year, mostly between October and February as they are looking for food, water and shelter. It’s important to watch for droppings, gnaw marks, nests, rub marks, or strange noises and if you notice any of these contact a professional immediately.  

Stop Mice from Coming into Your House 

To make sure mice stay out be sure to keep food stored away, declutter your home so you notice if there are any indications of an infestation, maintain your landscaping, and look for possible entry points in your home. 

What 2 Texas Cities are Dealing with the Most Rat Issues? 

Ranking high on this list was Houston coming in at the 20th U.S. city dealing with a rat issue, but the real problem is they went up 10 spots in the past year. And coming in at 22nd on the list was Dallas/Fort Worth who is also up 2 spots year over year.  

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Imagine you get the phone call you've been waiting for, we're opening back up, everyone can head back to work. Now, as we all know, there have probably been some things that have been left unattended. Like office desks, keyboards, and telephones just to list a few. I know personally, when I was away from the office, the only thing I kept clean was the space I was living in. Now that some people are back to work there are a few places you might want to keep clean, not only for yourself but if you have a home business that requires you to entertain clients, their eyes can spot things that you probably didn't think that some people even pay attention to, like some of the things in this gallery.

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