When there's a big party in Texas, chances are there's barbecue involved. And one well-known Texas smokehouse is handling all the food for the Governor's inauguration soon.

Eddie Deen will cater the Governor's barbecue lunch for several thousand people on the Capitol lawn in Austin on inauguration day in 12 days, and he's taking a couple hundred workers with him to make it all happen.

KHOU TV says he'll cook all that brisket most of the way, but not all the way to the sweet spot, and they'll finish up the brisket once they get to Austin. They'll have smoked chicken, sausage, potato salad, and all the fixins, too.

The plan is to feed 17,000 people at the Capitol Complex on Tuesday Jan. 20, the day that Greg Abbott is sworn in as the new Texas Governor.

They'll need four tons of brisket, 1,700 pies, and jalapeno sausage that's a mile long.

Hungry anyone?

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