Eating in Texas can be incredible because there are so many fantastic options not far from home. There are going to be options if you want a quick cheap meal and plenty of sit-down options as well but one thing that most of these options have in common is they aren’t exactly serving the healthiest meal options available. Which means we need to do better about making choices when making food decisions, which can be difficult with so much delicious fried foods. 

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But we all know that fried foods can lead to not only weight gain but also raising our cholesterol level. The scary part about that is cholesterol is a waxy substance in your blood, and having too much of it within your body can increase your risk of heart disease. No one wants to deal with health issues especially when it comes to blood flow and your heart working correctly, so let’s discuss some food that are terrible for your cholesterol levels so you can try to avoid them. You don’t need to never eat them again, but just be aware of what damage they could be doing to your body.  

Talk With Your Doctor About Your Cholesterol 

It all starts with talking to your doctor. Make sure you’re doing your annual physical and often when you’re asked to do blood work, they will check your cholesterol levels at that time. Just make sure you’re asking your doctor about this and how you can improve your cholesterol level. 

Let’s Look at the Items to Avoid 

Here are some foods that are notorious for raising your cholesterol level, these are foods you might want to try and avoid.  

High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

If you're trying to eat healthier you might want to avoid these food items as they are known to increase your cholesterol level.

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