If you love sleep, you'll want to start taking orders from the U.S. Army right away.  It's encouraging "naps whenever possible."

A fairly groundbreaking new report from the Army says regular naps are crucial for U.S. soldiers, and if the opportunity arises to catch some shut-eye in the middle of the day, they should feel free to seize the moment.

The Army wants soldiers to get eight hours of sleep each night so they'll be at peak performance, and they know that's not always possible so they want soldiers to sneak in some afternoon shuteye if they can.  Oh, and regular doses of caffeine too.  Okay!  If the Army is suggesting these things, civilians looking for a reason to power up can surely latch onto the ideas too.  The Pentagon thinks the new napping protocol will become an important way to help the Army stay at its peak effectiveness.

The new guidelines are part of the Army's “Holistic Health and Fitness” manual released last week.  The Army defines "restricted sleep" as six hours or less, and when that happens they encourage soldiers to take "the longest nap possible as frequently as time is available."

Army soldiers might have more important missions than some of us, but stress is stress, and it's encouraging to note that breaks from the stress are viewed as an important part of preparation and recovery.

So, if your boss feels a little like a drill sergeant, a snooze might be a new way to fully experience his or her command.

As long as you're at peak performance afterward.

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