Our state bird is the mockingbird and the state flower is the bluebonnet, but do you know what the Texas state food is?

Right now it's chili.  And that will change if one lawmaker has anything to say about it.

State Representative Gina Hinojosa of Austin is behind House Resolution 57, which pushes to give chili the boot as the official food of Texas and replace it with the mighty taco.

Part of the resolution reads, "…the taco, which needs no dish and can be hearty enough to serve as a meal all by itself, is indeed deserving of a place at the table; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the 86th Legislature of the State of Texas hereby designate tacos as the official state food of Texas."

Did you even know that chili is the official state food right now?  I didn't!

Chili is good and all, but it seems like it might make the most sense as the state food of one of the northern states like Wisconsin, rather than Texas. It's colder there and they might need the chili powder and bean combination to warm up.

Texas has taco restaurants at every intersection, taco food trucks, tacos at catered events, and we never hold back on a taco for breakfast.  Tacos do rule here, so it might make sense to make it the official state food.  And if the glorious taco never becomes the official state food, we will continue to eat it as if it is.

If you're so inclined, you can sign the Texans for Tacos petition HERE and help tacos feel more love than they already do.  The petition points out that "Tacos have made a large impact on tourism, the economy and the countless families who depend on tacos as their main source of revenue."

Will it become our state food?  That remains to be seen.

And don't even get us started on barbecue.

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