Have you seen this woman?

Recently, Tyler, Texas Police shared this photo taken from surveillance video at a Dollar General Store.

Times are hard, and sometimes that drives people to do things they might not ordinarily do. Perhaps that's what happened with this woman.

She used a stolen credit card and proceeded to use it to pay for her items at the Dollar General on West Gentry in Tyler, Texas.

The Tyler Police Department shared this photo on their Facebook page as a part of their ongoing #findemfriday series. Some of the comments from Tyler and East Texas residents added interesting, sad, and honestly humorous perspectives surrounding this case.

Some Tyler residents seem sincerely baffled that someone would steal a credit card and then go and use it at a dollar store.

One person even said that, illegalities aside, this lady may be a "practical thief." In other words, he said at least she's not using it to buy luxuries but rather simple necessities. Um...that's an interesting way to look at it. But it's illegal. Period.

Others said they'd be more likely to forgive her if that was food in her basket. That made me have at least two thoughts:

First of all, it's interesting how much grace people can have for others when they're struggling to make ends meet.

I find that comforting in that it speaks to the hearts of East Texans. But we can't get around the fact that she's breaking the law, though.

Secondly, what is going on in this woman's life that she felt compelled to do this to the detriment of someone else who is now tasked with cancelling their stolen credit card and dealing with the hassle of that in the midst of their own busy, complicated life?

That's why we have laws. I just wish people didn't feel so desperate that they feel they must break them to get what they need.

Then again, so many East Texans are struggling in many ways right now but find ways to NOT break the law.

If you have seen her or can assist the Tyler Police in this case, reach out to Detective Thedford at 903-531-1026.


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