History was made this year at one Missouri High School. Introducing the first ever male Homecoming Queen.

Zachary Willford, a senior and varsity cheerleader at Missouri's Rock Bridge High School, told komu.com that winning the title of Homecoming Queen "was literally like a dream. It was just really special to me."

Zach put up a poll on social media to ask friends and fans whether he should put Homecoming 'King' or 'Queen' on the sash. He opted for 'Queen' when they said 'Queen' would look prettier on the sash.

Whether reading this leaves you shocked or delighted, Zach is clearly a popular guy. In addition to being the 2021 Homecoming Queen at Rock Bridge High School, he is also wildly popular on social media platform TikTok. He has over one million followers and shares his daily goings on and thoughts with his fans.

His journey to becoming the first ever male Homecoming Queen was documented on his TikTok account.

Here's a quick video of Zach Willford discussing the outfit he would be wearing during the school assembly where the nominated court walks around in front of the student body:

@zachwillmore Outfit number one!! #fyp#gay#outfit#viral♬ original sound - Just smile and scroll

Here's the video where he and his lady escort are just about to promenade in front of  everyone before the official festivities:

@zachwillmore Wish us luck!!! #homecoming#gay#lgbt♬ original sound - Just smile and scroll

And now Zach reveals the outfit he'll wear when they announce the winning Homecoming Court for 2021:  

@zachwillmore This is the outfit for when they announce the homecoming winner😌 #fyp#viral#gay#lgbt#xyzbca♬ prom dress - mxmtoon

Final moments before the announcement is made in the center of the football field:

@zachwillmore Found my date #fyp #gay #homecoming ♬ original sound - Just smile and scroll

  And finally... the moment that made history at Rock Bridge High School:

@zachwillmore Reply to @poopacus thank you guys so much for all the support I’ve received I can’t explain how happy I am tonight💕 #fyp#queen#homecoming#gay#viral#lgbt♬ original sound - Just smile and scroll
His joy is palpable. And clearly many other students are thrilled for him, too. 

And as you may expect, Zach also received some very harsh criticisms after his HoCo Queen win. However, he seems bolstered by a strong support group of friends and family.

A CPS representative, Michelle Baumstark, told KOMU 8 that "Zachary Willmore is a wonderful student. He’s engaged in school, active in activities, including cheer, and is not afraid to ask questions and identify challenges he sees around him."
Will we see a male Homecoming Queen at one of our ETX high schools someday?  

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