Even though I'm not a Patriots or Giants fan, I can assure you of three things: I will be watching the game this Sunday, there will be meat on the grill and there will be booze involved. If you're like me, then you'll probably have some frosty barley pops on hand. If that's the case, make the game a little more interesting with some of these.

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    Keyword Drinking Game

    Before the start of the game you should make a list of about 10 words that you think you'll hear throughout the course of the game and assign a "drink value" to them. For instance, every time you hear the word "replay" you drink twice, the word "dynasty" you drink twice, "prediction" you drink once, and "touchdown" you drink once. Those are basic words, but if you want to up the degree of difficulty you could look for phrases like "felony assault", "wide right", "Super Bowl Shuffle", "Joe Namath", or any reference to anyone in the Manning family. Of course, the latter suggestion may leave you pretty rocked.

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    Write up the names of the key players in the game on both teams. Put the names in a hat and have everyone draw a name (or you could draw for an offensive and defensive player each if you don't have many bodies at your party). Every time that player is involved in a play you are able to pass out a drink. It's up to you whether or not to omit the quarterbacks since they are involved in every play. A touchdown is worth seven drinks for the player that scores it.

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    The Commercials

    When it comes to commercials, take one drink apiece for the following: a cartoon character interacting with a live person, a talking animal, a talking baby, a human dressed as an animal, a horse, a reptile, and anything GoDaddy. Abstain from drinking for the duration of the Tim Tebow commercial. It shouldn’t be too hard with the debate likely to break out.

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    Flag On The Play

    Beware of flags in this game. Penalty flags equal one drink, which likely won’t be too bad, since these teams have been well-disciplined all year. What you’ll want to beware of, though, are the challenges. Any time a coach throws out the red flag, drink for five seconds. If somehow the coach throws the flag and it hits either a player or official, just drain your whole drink.

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    Pick Your Team

    If you don't really have a dog in the fight, divide people up and make them pick a team. You take a drink every time your team loses yardage on a play (sack, run for a loss). Every time your team commits a penalty. Take another drink if the other team declines the penalty. Every time your team takes a timeout. Every time your team allows a play of ten yards or more. Every time the other team gets a field goal, safety, or extra point. Every time the other team returns a kickoff past the 30-yard line. Every time your team fails to return a kickoff past the 20-yard line. Every time your team is forced to punt from inside their 20-yard line. Every time your punt returner calls for a fair catch. Every time your team loses an onside kick.

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