If your year just wouldn't be complete without a funnel cake sundae, deep fried butter, or some deep fried jello, you may have the chance to gorge yourself at the State Fair of Texas in a few weeks.

They'll announce Big Tex Choice semi-finalists in August, and the winner will be included as a new food offering at the "fry-it-and-put-it-on-a-stick-fest," also known as the State Fair.

Some of the other options that have a shot at getting a tent a the State Fair include:

Holy Guacamole Balls

Down Home Chicken Pot Pie Pockets with Mac 'n Cheese Dip

Fried Jello

Fried Cookies and Cream Sundae

Injectable Great Balls of BBQ

Doritos Bacon Fried Cheese Stick

A panel of judges is putting these and other diet busters through taste tests right now, and soon they'll tell us who the semi-finalists are.

The judging must be a slow process, don't ya think?  Even if the judges are pros at eating, they can't possibly pack in all of the fried food samples in a day.  These things take time, and have to be spread out so the judges live to tell about it.

Wisconsin is offering fried fruit on a stick this year.  That's so weird!  At least we don't contradict ourselves and try to be even the slightest bit nutritious in Texas.  We go straight for the artery-cloggers.  Ooo, like Deep Fried Cheeseburger Stuffed Onion Rings.  That's another option that could become a State Fair semi-finalist.

Judging continues for another week with the Big Tex Choice Awards and then they'll announce semi-finalists and then finalists.   The State Fair of Texas runs from September 30 to October 23.

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