In Major League Baseball, the Texas Rangers and LA Dodgers have made headlines over the past couple of seasons for their enormous hot dogs.

Over-the-top grub is almost as much a part of the game now as the ball is! The dogs and piles of nachos are so big they have to be shared. Unless you’re really hungry and brave.

Have you heard what the Green Bay Packers are doing now?

This season at Lambeau Field, fans will try to polish off a 22-inch Kielbasa topped with fried sauerkraut and beer cheese, embedded in a long bun in the shape of a horse shoe.  (Probably named after that horse collar tackle.) Hungry? It’s going to cost $20 and is meant to be shared. Guys and their girlfriends will have some great breath after polishing off that monster dog.

ESPN says the Packers are also adding a new donut ice cream sandwich this season. Somehow the ice cream stays cold inside of a warm donut. Yum! Not sharing that one.

The Cowboys still have the Frito Pie and the Green Chile Kobe Burger for sale at AT&T Stadium. And for something totally different, the Texans sell sushi at Reliant Stadium.

The point is, go to the game hungry. And while you’re partying with the footlongs and chips, you just might see a football game going on too. That stuff on the field is just a small part of what’s going on around the stadium. Like indigestion!


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