Do you love April Fools Day? Some people live for it and plan their attack all year long, and finally unleash the fun on April 1. Others of us just let it fly right by and barely notice it.

I did see today on Facebook that one parent played a pretty good trick on his son. This one is worth sharing.

The 4-year old boy got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and after helping him finish up, his dad put him in another room to sleep for the rest of the night. So when the poor kid woke up this morning, he wasn't in his usual comfy place and wondered where in the heck he was. Very creative, Dad, very creative.

My sister today told all of her Facebook followers that she had landed a part on 'The Young and the Restless,' and was moving to California. And people believed her!

The San Antonio Express News pointed out today that one of the most unlikely pranks ever was pulled by a Texas lawmaker, who got his fellow lawmakers to pass a resolution honoring The Boston Strangler in 1971. He wanted to prove the point that lawmakers routinely voted for resolutions without fully reading them, and fully understanding what they were voting for. Yikes.

Are any subjects off limits? Two exclamations that probably shouldn't be followed by, "April Fools" -- "I'm pregnant!" and "Will you marry me?"

One of my favorite stores sent me an email today saying "50% off!" in the subject line, and when I opened it up it said, "April Fools." Instead it was 20% off. Can they do that? Who knows? They did. And I kinda like them more now.

Have fun!

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