This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things....

The beautiful new W.T. Brookshire Conference Center has only been open a few months and unfortunately a few "pranksters" thought it would be funny to do something that has in turned caused anger in the community and now Tyler Police are getting involved.

According To A Post On Facebook From Tyler Parks and Recreation...

Tyler Parks and Rec employees showed up this morning to find lots of folks taking pictures and staring at the fountain outside of the conference center as it was "bubbling over". Apparently, someone slipped something into the water system at the fountain which is now causing the suds.

This "Prank" Could Have Cause Damage To The Fountain.


Tyler Parks went on to add that adding anything but water to the fountain could cause issues to the mechanics of the its system. We stopped by the fountain later on in the day and saw the bubbles were gone and fountain was back up and running normally as you can see in the photo above.

Tyler Police Are Now Investigating What Happened.

City Of Tyler Police Department via Facebook
City Of Tyler Police Department via Facebook

The incident has been turned over to Tyler PD along with the videos of the incident so those responsible are now in big trouble with law enforcement.

The Brookshire Center has surveillance cameras all around the complex and they plan to add more so its HIGHLY recommended that if you're thinking about doing something silly like this...DON'T. Besides, they just FINISHED the place, can yall not jack it up already. This is why we can't have NICE THINGS.

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