We know that Texas drivers can tend to have a lead foot at times, meaning they drive over the speed limit. Which we know can be dangerous and is against the law. But there are certain areas around East Texas where the speed limit drops a bit, and it seems like law enforcement is keeping a closer eye on those locations. 

There is one specific location where I have seen officers sitting lately and radaring people to see if they are speeding. Just yesterday I was driving home, and the red and blue lights flashed on, but I knew I wasn’t speeding, the officer got the person driving behind me. OUCH! Speeding tickets can be expensive and cause your insurance rates to increase. Be careful when you’re driving to make sure you aren’t speeding.  

Where are Police Watching for Speeders 

In south Tyler, Texas, there is Owens Elementary School on Country Road 168, which is not very far from my home. But I have noticed that lots of law enforcement officers have been sitting in that parking lot checking people's speed. This is your warning to slow down in that area, if you don’t, it’s only a matter of time until you get a ticket. 

Speeding Near School in Tyler, Texas
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Slow Down Before It Costs You Money 

Getting a ticket can ruin your day and cost you hundreds of dollars. It’s difficult to remember sometimes as we are all so busy but try to slow down. Getting to your destination two minutes earlier won’t make a difference. But it could cost you a lot of time, so slow down before having to deal with that headache.  

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