Sad to say that carjacking has been an on-going problem across Texas for several years now.  If you know someone who's ever been in a vehicle during one of these incidents, you've heard them describe how absolutely frightening it can be.

While carjackings typically happen in larger cities, the number of reported attempts has also been on the rise in East Texas. On Wednesday, the Rusk Country Sheriff's Office posted a warning on Facebook about a new carjacking scheme - and it even happened to one of their off-duty officers.

The post describes one of the more recent methods crooks are using to set up their crime, especially late at night on extremely dark sections of a road. As of this writing the information has been shared over 2,800 times.

After the officer knew what was happening and called dispatch. After a few more minutes of driving, the car - described as a blue two-door hatchback) gave up and turned onto another highway with noticeable hurry.

You'll be driving along when a vehicle starts tailgating you.  Then they'll flash their lights in hopes you'll pull over.  DON'T DO IT!  The carjackers' scheme is based on you falling into that trap, because once you stop, the criminals spring into action.  Their next steps are to force you out of your ride, steal any valuables you're carrying or wearing as an added "bonus" (for them), drive away with your car, and leave you stranded right there.  Any serious resistance to the armed hold up potentially results in you being hurt, or worse.

Police advise you to react to the tailgaters flashing lights this way:  instead of stopping, call 911 immediately and keep on driving.  Once you've made the emergency report, if you're aware of a nearby law enforcement office, head in that direction just to make sure the potential carjackers don't force you off the highway before help arrives.  At a minimum try to find a road with more traffic to buy a few more minutes of safety while the cops are en route to your location.  The longer you keep driving, the better your odds of not being on the wrong end of the outcome.  Just remember - don't hesitate to make that 911 call as soon as you sense what's beginning to unfold!

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