Sadly these days, hearing about gunfire isn't as surprising as it used to be. Nevertheless, this footage from a routine traffic stop that became a shootout in Tyler, Texas is surprising to behold.

It was the evening of October 26, 1998, when a couple of Texas State Troopers, Barry Goines and Jasmine Andreason, pulled over a vehicle during what the two troopers may have thought would be a routine traffic stop in Tyler, Texas.

The following video you'll see is short, but shocking Dashcam video footage which will show the two troopers stopping a car. But it was more than a routine traffic stop, that's for sure. The car in question was occupied by an escaped convict named Sidney Byrd.

Are you familiar with the story regarding the escaped convict, Sidney Byrd?

Getty describes the details of the short video as follows:

"/ dash cam, surveillance video of Texas State Troopers stopping car with escaped convict, Sidney Byrd, in it / convict pulls a gun on trooper / men run away as troopers fire shots at them. Traffic Stop Shootout on October 26, 1998 in Tyler, Texas."

During the exchange with the two occupants of the vehicle, one of the two men breaks off and attempts to run away from the Texas State Troopers. This resulted in one of the troopers pulling his gun and firing on the man who was attempting to escape the exchange with law enforcement.

Here's the video sourced from Matthew Cipolla's YouTube Channel that will share more of what happened this evening and what happened next as a result:

One of the main things that stick out to me when I watch the video is how steady the trooper was in a moment of escalating tension and potential danger to law enforcement. One more reason we remain so grateful for our brave men and women who stand between us and harm us every single day.

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