When I was a kid, one of my favorite hobbies was searching for interesting rocks I could crack open with...well, rocks. Bigger rocks. My methods were a bit primitive, but I didn't care. I couldn't wait to discover what was inside--even if my rock-cracking method sent shards of crystal hurtling toward my arms and legs. I would come in the evening and my parents were sure I'd been attacked by a wild animal. I'd show them my finds from the day and beg every week for a rock tumbler so I could polish down my little treasures. I never did get that rock tumbler, though. *sigh* ;)

Although as an adult you're less likely to find me outside doing anything related to "crack" or "rocks," I remain fascinated by the gems, geodes, and minerals tucked away deep within the Earth. As it happens, there's an entire group of fellow adults who feel the same way AND their annual "Gemstone and Jewelry Show" is January 25 - 27 at The Tyler Rose Garden Center.

In addition to a beautiful array of gemstones, fossils, cut and uncut stones, geodes, and gold and silver jewelry, enjoy demonstrations of wire wrapping techniques, lapidary, and more. Peruse the silent auction table while the kids check out the Wheel of Fortune game on-site, while you await the announcement of the various door prizes and grand prize drawings.

What: Gemstone and Jewelry Show

Where: Tyler Rose Garden Center, 420 South Rose Park Drive, Tyler

When: January 25 - 27, Fri. 9 to 5, Sat. 10 to 6, Sun. 10 to 5. Adults $5, Students $1, Children under 6 free.
The East Texas Gem & Mineral Society "is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization. Promoting the study of Geology, Fossils Minerals, and the Lapidary Arts." Get more info on them, as well as more info about the "Gemstone and Jewelry Show" here.

Photo courtesy of E.T. Gem & Mineral Sociey
Photo courtesy of E.T. Gem & Mineral Sociey




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