Could you imagine spending $3500 per month on rent?  That's the average in one U.S. city, and thankfully it's not in Texas.  We're getting off cheap here in comparison.

San Francisco has the highest rent in the country, averaging $3500 per month, according to a new study from Walletwyse, using data that tracks the cost of living around the country.  The study said Hamilton, Bermuda ranked #2 with average rent at $3,400 and Manhattan was third at $3,050.

If you're taking home $3800 per month, that's probably not gonna fly.  Monthly incomes in the high-rent cities might be $10,000 to $20,000, so maybe it's all relative. But maybe not.  There are always folks who are stretched thin, and we'd imagine not everyone in San Francisco is rolling in tech and wine money.

The cheapest U.S. city is Springfield, Missouri, where rent is $550, according to Walletwyse.

Texas is in the middle of the pack. Smartasset says Texas renters are paying on average, between $800 and $1500, depending on the size of the place.  A one-bedroom place rents for an average of $898 in Texas, which is $84 below the U.S. average.  A two-bedroom apartment in Texas rents for an average of $1,164 and three-bedroom apartments here rent for an average of $1,492, still under the national average.

We could rent two apartments here for the same amount that someone in San Francisco pays for one!  But they do have the view of the Golden Gate bridge, and we hear the seafood is great on the pier.  But we have better brisket.  And no state income tax.

File this away in the "Ok, I'm glad I live in Texas" file.  The rent bill may not be a fun one to pay when the 1st of the month rolls around, but at least it's more manageable here than it is in California and other places.

And hopefully, a little lower rent bill means you have some leftover fun money for all of our great water parks, lakes, campgrounds, malls, sporting events, and festivals.  And some of that good Texas brisket too.  It could be worse.

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