A mom in Whitehouse, Texas shared her sincere concerns regarding reckless driving on a road that runs near Cain Elementary School.

And we're glad she's voiced her concern. Nowadays sending our kids off to school can be unnerving enough as it is. But then you add the additional concern of careless driving on the part of some whose commute takes them down Stacy Drive in Whitehouse, and that's a recipe for intense worry.

Carla Brooks shared her concern on a social media group page that focuses specifically on the goings-on in the Whitehouse, Texas area.

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Here's what she had to say:

"The amount of people who fly down Stacy Dr. next to Cain elementary while people are dropping their kids off at school is absolutely insane. Do you realize the lives you're putting in danger? And a lot of them are parents who just dropped off their kids!
SLOW DOWN! I'm about to sit in my yard and write down license plates and give them to the police dept. And it's not just during school hours. WE HAVE CHILDREN WHO LIVE AND PLAY HERE. It is not a racetrack."

Well said, Carla.

I do find it particularly perplexing that some of these people who she reports to have seen driving in an unsafe manner are likely parents who just dropped off their own children. I have a feeling those parents would prefer OTHER people not to drive the way they themselves are.

Please drive safely. For their sake. For YOUR sake. And for the sake of your children.

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