Dilly Dilly and Tide Ads caught on last year, and as we wait for the biggest Super Bowl commercials of 2019, these can refresh our memories and prep us for February 3rd.  Remember when Alexa lost her voice?

The parties are a huge part of Super Bowl Sunday, but not everyone will understand the advantage of total silence when the commercials come on.  Be loud during the game, but when it's time for the ads, we have to concentrate!  We don't want to miss a new catchphrase or a subtle innuendo that will make everyone ask if they really just got away with that on national television.

Do you agree with these?  They're all in the video.

The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2018, according to TrendCave

1.  Bud Light - Dilly Dilly (The Bud Knight)

2.  Tide - #TideAd

3.  Australia's Tourism Ad - Crocodile Dundee Movie

4.  Doritos Blaze (Peter Dinklage) and Mountain Dew Ice (Morgan Freeman and Missy Elliott)

5.  Squarespace - Keanu Reeves in the desert

6.  Wendys - Fresh-never-frozen

7.  Jeep - In the middle of Jurassic World with Jeff Goldblum

8.  Avocados from Mexico -  Must.  Have.  Chips.

9.  Amazon - Alexa loses her voice

10.  E-trade - "I'm 85 and I wanna go home."

The ads are already starting to leak for this year's game February 3rd (Cardi B for Pepsi and Luke Wilson for Colgate), and we just hope there are a few surprises left by the time Super Bowl Sunday rolls around.

Take a bathroom break during the game so you don't miss an ad.  This will be fun.

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