It's been over a month since Parler was removed from the Google and Apple app stores, not to mention Amazon's web-hosting service.

But now they're back---with a few changes.

They've rebranded themselves with a new logo. They've also re-emerged sans John Matze and have a new interim CEO, Mark Meckler.

Photo source: BBC News Twitter page
Photo source: BBC News Twitter page

When it first came back online, it wasn't immediately available to all users. They said the initial launch was to bring the platform back on line for previous users and then make it available to new ones shortly thereafter. And some of those previous users were frustrated (or perhaps in some cases, relieved) to find their previous posts were gone.

Speaking of the "app," there's another tricky part. The BBC reports "while users who already have the app downloaded can log in, it is more difficult to install onto phones that did not have it before."

And what are new users to do?

For those who use an Android phone, they'll have to "sideload" the software. That means you'll need to find a tech-savvy nephew who can source and install it without using Google's app store.
For those with an iPhone, "trying to reinstall the app or download it for the first time from Apple's app Store are told it is 'not currently available,' the BBC reports.
Parler refers to itself as a truly "free-speech platform," and shy away from censoring users in the way some Parler fans say other social media do. Interim CEO Mark Meckler said "we will thrive as the premier social-media platform dedicated to free speech, privacy, and civil dialogue."

Despite the issues they faced, Parler execs say they're "here to stay" and the app is no longer dependent on "big tech" but rather are utilizing what they refer to as "sustainable, independent technology."

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