There is a huge fascination with the unknown and unexplained, whether its ghost hunting, bigfoot tracking or UFO sightings, these paranormal activities have made their way into mainstream society and is part of our pop culture thanks to TV shows on Discovery, A&E, TruTV and SyFy. Tyler's first ever Paranormal Conference is scheduled to be held in the city in April.

With paranormal activity being accepted as the new normal, Jericho's Tours of Tyler has teamed up with four other organizations to hold the first ever Paranormal Conference on Saturday, April 20th at the Tyler Civic Theater. This first time event will feature speakers like Ken Gerhard, a leader in cryptozoology and Mitchell Whitington, owner of one of the world's most haunted houses. Local spiritual legend Arleen Gregg and Mike McCaskill will also be attending the conference.

Tyler's first Paranormal Conference will be held in two parts, the day begins with the speakers and reconvenes in the late afternoon for an overnight ghost hunt with qualified paranormal researchers. If you're into ghosts, UFO's and bigfoot get your tickets now, before they 'disappear'! (My attempt at humor!!)

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