There's no doubt in Bobby Hamilton's mind that Bigfoot is real, and proving that is just a matter of finding one and turning over the evidence.

Hamilton is the founder of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, which looks for Bigfoot in East Texas and Louisiana. The cameras are always rolling, and some of the latest footage will be part of a TV special this weekend.

Hamilton's group hunts for the creatures, and they say they won't take a young Bigfoot or a female Bigfoot, but they will take a male Bigfoot.  And the group says it does have one blood sample that is neither human nor animal from their adventures over the years.  Hmm.  The goal is to capture Bigfoot and bring it in, so others will see and believe for themselves.

My 9-year old niece is obsessed with the quest to capture Bigfoot, and looks for clues anytime she's outside.  And she lives in Nebraska!  People say we have a much better chance of seeing one of the elusive creatures here in East Texas.

Bobby Hamilton grew up in Garrison and Jacksonville, and must have had a pretty interesting childhood looking for clues.  The one-hour special called ”Killing Bigfoot”, premieres Friday at 8 p.m. on Destination America.

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