What's the one go-to food that identifies Texas -- that one food that out-of-state guests just have to eat while they're here?

One blogger broke it down by state, and picked something that you might have eaten last weekend, or at least smelled cookin' on the grill.

I would have thought fajitas or enchiladas should rank high, but Thrillist picked the beloved brisket to represent Texas.

One our favorite things to grill!  Or smoke. The key to good grillin' is to pick a meat that takes a long time so you have plenty of time to sip some suds while you're out there puttering around, pretending to keep the coals at the right temperature.

Brisket will not let you down.

At Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Thrillist says about the brisket; "pillow-soft fat and sinfully tender meat, wrapped in a blanket of smoke, create one of the most excellent bites of food you can find anywhere."

We would say that sounds a little over the top, but this is Texas and we love a good slab of meat. So right on!

But we think there are plenty of great places to get brisket in East Texas. What's your go-to spot?

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