The bad news- you didn't win the $162-million that was on the line last night.  The good news- nobody else did either!  That means Friday night's Mega Millions top prize will be up to $175-million.  Powerball tonight is worth a mere $50-million.  Not enough to be worth your time running out for a ticket or 10?  Better odds for the rest of us!  (Not really but it sounds good.)   

The person in San Antonio who became a multimillionaire thanks to a $27.25-million Lotto Texas ticket is keeping a low public profile.  That's probably smart, although I'd have a tough time not telling everybody if I ever hit the motherload.

As noted yesterday, we all know the reality of our chances of winning anything more than a couple bucks.  That's your "head" using logic.  Your "heart" holds out hope that "one day- it just could happen".  See you at the lottery ticket store (again) before 9 this evening!


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