Another building that has been around for a long time in Tyler, Texas has now been fully demolished. And now everyone is wondering: What is going to be built on this lot on Brookside Drive off Loop 323?

Progress continues to move ever forward, whether we like it or not. While we are excited to see all of the growth in our beloved East Texas, it's hard to see buildings we have known for so long torn down. (I'm still not completely over the demolishing of the old Brass Lion Antique and Jewelry Store--ya know, that area where Chuy's is now. Tho I love Chuy's very, very much. You know what I mean, though.)

This particular lot was once home to a building that used to be a hair salon. Granted, I never frequented the establishment. However, I used to pass it every single day on my way to work so, it's strange to see work crews taking it down.

So, do you have any idea what new business we have to look forward to on this lot in Tyler, Texas on Brookside Drive?

Sorry. If you thought I was going to solve the mystery like some sort of modern-day, Sherlock Holmes-type person, I confess, I have not. YET. However, I have posed the question on my social media. Given that I have so many awesome friends who are either in commercial real estate or are just generally savvy about these kinds of things, I plan on solving the mystery.

If you know, help us out, would you? Send info to And I'll post a triumphant update forthwith. And you will get ALL the credit. ;)

Have a great weekend.

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