Last night (May 28), season 14 of AGT debuted and it did not disappoint. The video above is a spoiler from last night but, frankly, I don't care that I'm spoiling it because it was an amazing audition from an amazing man. Kodi Lee is his name. His blind and autistic.

Some of us would read that and would think "I'd just give up." Kodi did not have that attitude. With the help of his mom, he stood on stage and talked to the judges then sat down at a piano. From there, Kodi blew us all away with his singing.

I am not afraid to say this but it brought tears to my eyes. We bitch and moan about small things every day. Kodi proved that our complaints are ridiculous. He deserved that golden buzzer.

My other favorite act is magician Eric Chien from Houston. Last year's winner, Shin Lim, was amazing. This guy could be better. Check out his audition from last night below.

I'll pause so you can can pick your jaw up off the floor. Dude is amazing. He'll go a long way for sure.

I have to admit, I have never been a fan of "reality TV" or singing competition shows like American Idol or The Voice. But something about America's Got Talent has always appealed to me. It's the amazing stuff that people can do.

There are two new judges, too, this season. Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union took the place of Heidi Klum and Mel B. I'll miss Heidi and Mel B but Julianne and Gabrielle were really good. Season 14 of AGT looks to be pretty great.

Remember three seasons ago, East Texan Kadie Lynn from Kemp walked onto the AGT stage and made it into the Top 10. America loved her and so did Reba McEntire during judge cuts.

There has been some oddball talents on the show. Acts like Piff the Magic Dragon, Tape Face and The Regurgitator have wowed us but also made us say "What?!". See their performances below.


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