America's Got Talent has been my favorite summer show since it began. Even though I've never been a fan of any of those talent shows, there's something about America's Got Talent pulled me in when I saw the first promo for it.

I love it because it shows off not only singing, which just about every talent show does, but anything else: magic, comedy, death defying stunts and some very odd talents. (The Regurgitator from last season for instance.)

But Tuesday's show featured a young girl from East Texas.

Her name is Kadie Lynn, she is 12 years old and from Kemp, which is on the northern part of Cedar Creek Lake. Watch her audition below.

Update: I've added the full segment of the show of Kadie Lynn's audition.

This is only her audition but I watched it live. The crowd came to their feet and all the judges loved her.

Simon Cowell, one of the hardest judges to please, ever, said that part of the reason for the show is to dig for unknown talent. He went on to say that as they dig, they will find a diamond and she was it. As Kadie was exiting the stage, Simon leaned over and said to the other judges that she was a young Patsy Cline. Wow.

She got four "Yes's" and is on to the next round.

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