Two Texas restaurants were recently named on a list of the 'Most Outstanding' restaurants in the United States by a foundation known for bestowing one of the highest honors in the world of culinary endeavors.

Hey, we know we do food well in Texas. You and I both could name some of our restaurants in Longview or Tyler, Texas that deserve honors for the delicious food they serve. Despite knowing here at home what a great job our Texas restaurants do, it's still nice to see two of our Texas restaurants get recognized on such a prestigious list of finalists like the one the James Beard Foundation organizes.

KXAN out of Austin, Texas shared that this is the "33rd annual James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards. Considered one of the highest honors in the food world, the foundation recognizes exceptional talent and achievement in the culinary arts."

So, which Texas restaurants made the list of finalists for this year's James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards?

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The two restaurants that made the list of finalists for 'most outstanding' are the Texas Barbecue hot spot, Convenience West in Marfa, Texas, and Mexican restaurant Mixtli in San Antonio, Texas.

Other restaurant finalists competing for the win are 'The Compound in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Langbaan in Portland, Oregon; and Vestige in Ocean Springs, Mississippi,' according to KXAN.

If you're curious when the winner will be announced, the James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards ceremony is set for June 10 and will be held in Chicago at the Lyric Opera.

Two more must-visit restaurants to add to any foodie road trips you may have planned.

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