Blame the bakeries for cranking out great bread so we don't have to.  But does this mean we've lost the art of cooking and baking at home?

If you know how to roast a chicken, you might be one of the few.

Baby Boomers are the best with cooking techniques, according to, and on the flipside, most Millenials aren't really sure how to roast a chicken.  When it comes to things like peeling a potato, dicing an onion, and mincing garlic, Baby Boomers are the most comfortable and Millenials lag way behind.  Generation X is right in the middle when it comes to cooking skill and kitchen ambition.

My mom taught me how to dice an onion when I was a kid, and I think it's because she had grown tired of crying and chopping and wanted someone else to deal with that unpleasantry.  I thought it was fun back then, but now I'm tired of stinging eyes too, and I'm about ready to pass that smelly buck to my kids, who will also think it's fun.  I try to cook at home as much as possible, but we eat at restaurants a couple of time a  week too.

Overall, do you think we're cooking at home less than we used to?  There are so many good restaurants around East Texas that it's hard to pass them by on the way home from work without stopping to pick something up.  And with the apps delivering, well, it's just too easy to get really good food without giving it a second thought.

Only 50 percent of Millenials say they know how to roast a chicken or cook salmon, according to The Porch survey.  And 68 percent know how to make lasagna.  The percentages are a little higher for Generation X and Baby Boomers, but no age group really nails it.  Have we lost the art of cooking?

And when it comes to baking bread, most of us don't bother.  Only 33 percent of Millenials can do it, and less than 50 percent of Generation Xers and Boomers know how to properly bake a loaf.  I used to make bread in a bread machine, but I quit on that after a while.  Thank you, grocery store bakeries, for picking up the slack.

I love, love, love watching cooking shows, and maybe you do too.  But do we ever actually make the recipes?  Out of the thousands of shows I've probably watched, I think I've made two of the recipes.  Food TV is entertainment more than instruction for some of us.

Ok, I feel challenged and I'm going to set a goal right now to tackle a brand new task in the kitchen this week.  Something I've never done before, like making sushi.  I will either be in way over my head, or I'll start some new cooking momentum.  Wanna join me?  To be continued...

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