Texting is taking over today's world and can oftentimes create communication problems because context is not always considered. Fortunately, Mark Cuban is included in the group of people who want to fix that and he's got a new app out that is a real game-changer.

Snapchat has already taken the world by storm with the idea of having messages instantly deleted, but Mark Cuban is taking it a step further by having texts do the same thing. Via his new app Cyber Dust, users can send and receive texts that will vanish 30 seconds after they have been seen by the recipient. The messages are not stored anywhere, and that includes the Cyber Dust servers and databases.

Cuban's idea behind this was that he wanted to reduce his digital footprint after having many of his own messages sent to the SEC and having them apply whatever context they wanted to. With Cyber Dust that kind of thing won't happen because none of the messages are saved. And similarly to Snapchat, if the recipient takes a screenshot of the messages, the sender is immediately notified.

Ideally, this app will progress even more to entirely reduce digital footprints of many users - that includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Pandora, Spotify and more.

This free app is already available on the iPhone and will be available soon for Android users.

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