One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is engage in a bit of Christmas baking—especially Christmas sugar cookies. You know, the kind you pile high on a plate and then spend hours decorating while drinking cider and discussing with friends and family the goings-on of the previous year and plans for the one to come? A tradition I highly recommend, by the way.

However, as much as I love using our old cookie cutters we've had in our family forever, the candy cane, Christmas tree, and snowman cutters we've used for years are losing their shape a bit. Hey, it can happen to the best of us. Well, we love to create the cookies—so why not learn to make new cookie cutters?

Well, get ready to unleash your inner cookie cutter- making monster.

Tyler Innovation Pipeline is hosting a 3D Printed Cookie Cutter Workshop on December 15, 2018 from 5 – 6 p.m. at their facility at 217 E. Oakwood Street in Tyler. Learn how to import almost any shape and get it ready to print using a 3D printer. So, candy canes and Christmas tree shapes are possibilities, but so is that Fender guitar cookie cutter you've been jonesin' to find. Now, you can make your own.

Tyler Innovation Pipeline is a non-profit maker space and a network of people who share the goal to support creativity, promote innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit. For more information on the class, tickets, and even how to become a member throughout the year to nurture your own creativity, visit

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