Tyler, Texas Police are looking for this suspect who stole from the Best Buy location.

To be honest, when we first ran across this story on the City of Tyler's Police Department Facebook page, we were rather surprised that this man was able to get away with his thieving efforts.

The crime happened at Best Buy in Tyler. He exited the store with a drone and a pair of Beats earbuds. And along with some of those who commented, it seemed rather unusual since they typically have someone waiting at the front doors to check everyone's receipts upon leaving the store.

Apparently, in this case, the man was able to somehow bypass their normally tight security.

The man in question was wearing a plaid button-up shirt, a turtleneck, and a black cowboy hat. He was also seen leaving in a black SUV which you can see in the photo above.

Some of those who commented on the Tyler Police Facebook page speculated that it is much harder to pick out these subjects when they're wearing a mask--like the suspect was. And certainly, in situations like this, the mask does make it harder to identify the suspect.

Others were also taken aback that he was able to sidestep the formidable security checkpoint on the front door.

Please take a moment and see if this suspect looks familiar to you.

If you have any information regarding this crime, please reach out to Detective Thomas. He can be reached at 903-531-1035. You can also call Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.

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