I'm not sure how long it will take would-be criminals to learn that, with a few exceptions, there's a most excellent chance you're being videoed. It could be a street camera. Perhaps it's by security cameras strategically placed throughout the various stores in which we shop. And nowadays, it may be simply turn out to be happenstance B-roll in some passerby's phone.

Although, when it comes to catching those comfortable engaging in things like, I dunno...THEFT--the cameras help.

Earlier today the Tyler Police Department posted this photo and a descriptive synopsis. This lady, whose name is currently not known, decided to stroll through a S. Broadway location of Wal-Mart and help herself to a few things sans paying.

And here she is, perhaps unaware she's being caught on tape, in her black tank top and sunglasses. I'd be inclined to compliment her chillaxed wardrobe choices if she wasn't in the process of stealing $500 worth of stuff. And clearly, she's a Caucasian woman with brown hair. Ah, and there's a distinguishing mark right there on her chest. Does that say 'Shane?' 'Shasta?' Heck we're not sure.

Regardless of whatever her tattoo actually says, either way the Tyler Police are looking for her. Recognize her? If so, the police request you reach out to Detective Dickson. You can call (903) 533-2088. If you'd prefer, you can also call Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at (903) 597-2833.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to take a look.

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