We are so fortune in Texas and across the country to have so many hard-working officials working to keep our communities safe. Recently we were all enjoying the 4th of July holiday but many law enforcement and border patrol agents spent that time making sure no illegal activities were sneaking by during the holiday.

Meth Bust in Texas

As I was looking at the Facebook page for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, I noticed they had stats from the holiday weekend, while I know this wasn’t all in Texas it was impressive to see over 100 lbs. of cocaine was seized and over 270 lbs. of meth was seized. This work was also assisted by K-9 officers so I want to make sure they get some credit for the work they are doing.  

Huge Meth Bust in Texas 

According to KXAN, recently there was a large meth bust as smugglers were sending 360 packages of meth inside a fruit truck. The vehicle was supposed to be loaded with cucumbers and bell peppers but also contained 578 pounds of methamphetamine. The street value is $5,163,496.

Meth Bust at Texas Border
CBP Office of Field Operations via Facebook

Where Were the Drugs Discovered? 

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection the drugs were seized inside a tractor-trailer that was at the Pharr International Bridge in Pharr, Texas.  

Without the work of these border patrol agents, we would see more of these drugs hitting the streets in Texas and across the country. We cannot thank these officials enough for their work to keep the drugs out of our communities.  

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**Last updated: September 23, 2023

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