By the time we get to January, many of us East Texans are just about done with winter and ready to see life come back to East Texas. And I have to say, one thing East Texas does really, really well--is spring. I'm always so thankful to live here during those beautiful months.

One of the first happy indicators that spring is here is driving around East Texas and enjoying those beautiful yellow pops of color in late February and early March--our beloved daffodils.

If you'd like to add a little cheer to your lawn to participate in welcoming spring in East Texas, then NOW is a great time to get your bulbs so you'll be ready.

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This sale, and the subsequent planting of, daffodils is a key part of the Keep Tyler Beautiful plan. Bulbs need plenty of time to incubate in the soil, so you'll want to plant these in late fall or early winter so you can enjoy their happy flower faces in the spring.

Another huge bonus to getting these bulbs? They return every single year, never failing to delight you and passerby's both.

Starting August 21 and going through September 30, you'll be able order your bulbs online through the City of Tyler website. These Carlton Yellow Daffodils come in a bag of 50 and are ready to plant. Cost? Minimal. :)

However, you'll need to pick them up when they're ready. Last year, the pickup location was at the Downtown Recycle Center at 414 Bois D'Arc or at the Rose Garden Center in November and December. We will update you when we confirm those locations.

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