According to the Dallas Morning News, Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton had a relapse this week in his quest to remain sober.

According to individuals familiar with the episode, Hamilton drank alcohol Monday night at Sherlock's Pub & Grill in Dallas. Teammate Ian Kinsler also showed up at the bar for what appeared to be an attempt to persuade Hamilton to return to his home in Westlake.

Hamilton spoke on the situation today, and held a press conference. Here is an excerpt of what he had to say:

You know, my life in general is based on making the right choices, everything as far as my recovery, as far as my baseball goes, it's all based around my relationship with the Lord. And I look at it like that. You guys all know how hard I play on the field and I give it everything I absolutely have. When I don't do that off the field, I leave myself open for a weak moment. I had a weak moment on Monday night in Dallas, personal reasons with a family member. But I walked to a restaurant to have some dinner, and did just that, had dinner and ended up ordering a drink and probably had three or four drinks.

You can read the entire transcript of what Josh Hamilton said here.

This was Hamilton's second alcohol-related relapse in three years. In January 2009, he drank to excess in a bar in Tempe, Ariz.

Commenting on the 2009 incident, Hamilton said:

"I got away from the one thing that kept me on the straight and narrow, and that was my relationship with the Lord.  That should always come first. Hopefully some good will come out of this.  It just crossed my mind that night, 'Can I have a drink?' Obviously I can't and this reinforces that. Since that night, I have not had another thought like that. I know it's something I shouldn't do because it leads to other things."

You can read more about this at The Dallas Morning News.

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