I like to look on the bright side and find the good in things, BUT I couldn't resist passing along this little gem I found online.

I ran across a chart outlining the most hated Major League Baseball teams for particular regions across the country and across the globe, and it turns out that Texas isn't too fond of Texas.

It's easy to understand why Illinois hates the Cardinals, because that team has a big rivalry with the Cubs and Illinois supports its Chicago team.  And it's a given that New York hates the Red Sox because it defends the Yankees.

But really?  The least favorite team here in Texas is none other than the Texas Rangers?  Perhaps it's just because the Rangers are having a dismal season and fans are upset and frustrated.  Can't those Astros get any hate?

The Rangers have broken my heart every year since I started watching them, probably when I moved to Texas in the late 90's.  But just like a boyfriend that strings a girl along, I just can't give up on them!  One day they will win the World Series and we'll all ride off into the sunset together.  Just not this year.

Hang in there Rangers fans.  Those haters will be wearing Rangers jerseys once they turn this depressing season around.  Have faith!

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