Sorry, American Horror Story fans, but it looks like the show's HWIC (that's head witch in charge, thank you very much) Jessica Lange's time with the FX series is finished for good.

When asked about a potential return to the show for its sixth season, airing this October, the Oscar and Emmy-winning actress told TV host Charlie Rose that four seasons spent working on Ryan Murphy's horror anthology series was well enough.

"I had four years with that, four seasons, and each year was a marvelous character," Lange said. "I mean, everything changed from one year to another which made it very interesting for me. But no, I mean—I think sometimes you come to the end of something and it has had its natural [end]."

The blunt confirmation of another Lange-less AHS season is, of course, depressing for fans of the show. As one of the series' mainstays, the actress has portrayed a number of fiercely effective and complex characters on the show, from the conniving mother of a mass murderer to a morally-tormented nun to a villainous Supreme witch. She was absent from last season's hotel-themed narrative, though her departure was cushioned somewhat by Lady Gaga's larger-than-afterlife portrayal of a glamorous vampire femme fatale.

Fortunately for Murphy-Lange fans, the two are not finished collaborating with one another just yet: The actress is set to star in his upcoming FX anthology series Feud, which, for its debut season, will feature the toxic relationship between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on the set of 1962's iconic thriller, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Lange will play Crawford opposite Susan Sarandon as Davis. The season is surely to be a diva throw-down of epic proportions, but after seeing Lange raise hell as a vicious, homicidal New Orleans enchantress, we know who our money's on.

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