We’re curiously late in the year to not know which direction American Horror Story will head in its sixth season, but production will nonethless kick off to make an October premiere. To wit, American Horror Story Season 6 may start filming in June, or at least July, with comedian Leslie Jordan returning from Coven.

Take this with a microscopic grain of salt for the moment, but American Horror Story: Coven star Jordan seemingly confirmed as much in an interview with the Washington Blade, claiming to start work as early as July 7 (Angela Bassett previously stated filming would start in June). Jordan previously appeared among the Coven council of witches as Quentin Fleming, while Jordan noted he’d turned down the chance to return for Freak Show:

I’m booked all summer, then on July 7, I go back to “American Horror Story” with Lady Gaga, isn’t that fun? I did one season on “Coven.” They offered me another season but I got offered a reality show in London and I needed the money. Let me tell you, those reality shows pay a lot of money. So I turned down “Freak Show,” biggest mistake of my life. I didn’t think Mr. (Ryan) Murphy would want me again because I turned him down, but he did.

Previously said to be working on two distinct ideas, American Horror Story Season 6 has extended open invitations for any and all past stars to return, including Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley, Cheyenne Jackson and Finn Wittrock. Murphy previously confirmed a shocking role in mind for Angela Bassett, while Lady Gaga has also been confirmed to recur in some capacity.

Thus far, little else of the sixth season has been revealed, other than to expect the premiere in fall, and that the season could take place in two different time periods.

Will FX provide Season 6 details before long, if filming starts in June or July? Might one of the two American Horror Story Season 6 ideas take place in space? Do you really think I’m going to let this go, Ryan?

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