Every Burger King location in Japan wants customers to “have it their way,” especially if their way is to eat as many Whoppers in one sitting as possible.

For the month of November, Burger King Japan is hosting an “All-You-Can-Eat” Whopper promotion. The only requirement to be eligible for the “B”iKing campaign, which is a play on words of the Japanese term for buffet, is that customers buy a Whopper meal first. After that, every Whopper sandwich is free. BK Japan ran the same promotion last year and the feedback was “overwhelmingly positive.”

Thankfully there’s a time limit on the gorging. The offer lasts for thirty minutes after the purchase of the original Whopper meal. This should allow enough time for the defibrillator to get passed around so that every customer has a chance at restarting their heart.

[Via CNN Go]

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