If I were waiting for my flight at the airport, and I won over $302,000, I would definitely see if I could upgrade to first class. Or at least look into extending my vacation.

That's exactly what happened to one Flower Mound, Texas woman who has been identified only as "Megan H." I would imagine that's much safer anyway. It's best to remain semi-incognito after winning that much money and then being broadcast all over social media.

Megan was waiting for her flight at McCarran International Airport's B Concourse in Las Vegas last Thursday, when she decided to kill a little time on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Let's just say it paid off. Quite Literally, to the tune of $302,334.86.

As you'll see in the video, she was overjoyed. She claps and yells to passers-by "Oh my God! I won $300,000!"

After her big win, McCarran International Airport posted a video of her happy moment on their Twitter page.



I'm curious, what would you do if you won over $302,000 while waiting for your flight in an airport? For me, I'd travel. And how convenient to already be exactly where I need to be to book that flight I've been meaning to take to New Zealand! Paying off a few extra bills would be nice, too. ;)

Congratulations to Megan H. of Flower Mound, Texas!

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