Fans of face-melting hot foods are going to want to make a stop at Dairy Queen for the taco exclusively sold at Texas locations. 

For those not in the know, the Dairy Queen menu in this neck of the woods is very different from the menu in other parts of the country (and it’s much better, for my money). Then again, I’m just a tad bit biased having grown up in Texas.

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One of my favorite things about Dairy Queen is the selection. It comes in handy when you have a family of four like I do, and no one can agree on what they want.  

Whether you’re in the mood for burgers, steak fingers, chicken strips, or tacos, DQ has a little something for everybody. And don’t forget their awesome ice cream treats. 

Speaking of tacos, I’ve always thought Dairy Queen’s tacos are underrated. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I hear people ranting and raving about Country Baskets and Hunger Busters, but not as much about their Texas T-Brand Tacos. I love those bad boys. 

But the tacos they just rolled out ought to get people talking. 

The beloved fast-food chain recently introduced the Carolina Reaper Taco. For a limited time, those who prefer their food to have a spicy kick can try the taco Dairy Queen describes as having the heat of a “thousand Texas summers” in a press release: 

The Carolina Reaper Taco combines the intense heat of a thousand Texas summers with a sizzling lightning bolt from a West Texas storm, then finishes it off with the kick of a wild mustang to create the spicy deliciousness of the Carolina Reaper Taco. Each taco starts with a crispy corn shell filled with Carolina Reaper-infused Monterey Jack cheese, seasoned ground beef, crisp lettuce and ripe tomatoes. The tacos are topped off with a cool cilantro lime crema sauce to complete the legendary flavor of the Carolina Reaper Taco.

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