Texas Walmart Altercation Turns Chaotic as Unhinged Man Throws Wads of Cash.

The video below has so many twists and turns, it could be an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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This takes place at a bank inside of a Walmart in Arlington, Texas

Prine of the Congo

The video opens with a man withdrawing money from said bank. He keeps shouting obscenities, and at one point he claims he's the "Prince of the Congo, the richest country in the world."

A couple of concerned dads step up to tell the man to cool it because he's scaring their kids. He gets up in one of the dad's faces and continues to behave irrationally.


Prince gets Pushed

At this point, one of the dads shoves the man into the counter. Many of the onlookers cheer this on. The "Prince of the Congo" looks shocked as he picks himself off of the counter.


Make it Rain

Now, this is where it gets bizarre. The man starts dancing around and then appears to look for the man who shoved him.

He then switches tactics and starts claiming his "name is Elijah, from the bible." After that, he finally gets the money he's been attempting to withdraw this entire time from the bank.


Once he has the money in his hands and all fanned out for the camera to see, he flings the money in the air and walks away out of frame. We can see some of the crowd picking up some of the money as the video ends.


Check out the video below:


This happened in Arlington, Texas.
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